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It’s a tool sale part 2!

I am continuing to list approximately 25 items over the next few days. I like Chris Schwarz’s rules for purchasing his tools over at Lost Art Press, so I am borrowing them for here (with his approval of course, Thanks … Continue reading

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It’s a tool sale!

So I don’t post here as often as I would like, but I spend a lot of time over on Instagram (@tmb1752 if you’re interested). If you follow me there, you know I’ve kinda been changing my lifestyle in minor … Continue reading

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Readers’ Band saw question answered

I received the following message a while back and I wanted to take some time to answer it. This, of course, is only my opinion based on my own experience. I’ve learned that woodworking opinions are as varied as east … Continue reading

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End of May Update

Here I sit typing this post, one year older then I was a week and a half ago. I do feel older, but I certainly don’t feel any wiser. (Isn’t this supposed to happen when you get older?) I have … Continue reading

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It’s on like DonkeyKong

Way back when, I posted about a giveaway I was planning. I wanted to give a fairly complete woodworking tool kit to one lucky person. It is  similar to the basic set of tools I started with, so I am … Continue reading

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Blanket chest progress

Things are moving right along on the blanket chest I’ve been working on. If you remember from last time I had all the parts rough cut. I meant to take photos as I moved along, but something, something about intentions. … Continue reading

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A new way of thinking

I can’t believe it has been over a whole month since I posted last. First let me say that the “By hand and by eye” class at the PTSW was awesome! I would like to write an entire post about … Continue reading

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