You know, I’m not real big into talking about myself. I’ve discovered the hardest part of selling your craft is selling yourself. So I thought I would just put my artist’s statement…Enjoy!

I think I’ve always been fascinated with wood. I’ve been around it for as long as I can remember. It has a way changing your mood. Its warmth, texture and depth can instantly change the feel of any room. Nothing grounds us and connects us to nature like wood. I’ve experienced the gnarliest raw wood turned into the most beautiful pieces of furniture.

I recently learned that I am a fifth generation furniture maker on my Father’s side, yet consider my education in the craft as “self-taught.” Not wanting to follow in the same path of my elders I strayed off to forge my own way. I was very fortunate to find a wonderful woman with her own unique woodworking background to share in my journey and innocently enough found my way back to working with wood because “necessity is the mother of invention.” As a newly wedded couple, when we needed furniture we bought or borrowed some basic tools and away we went. Our skills have grown and evolved ever since, but have found that the passion and the approach that my elders used working with wood was never lost. Education in the craft is constant and is never expected to end as there is always something new to be learned, and taught.

We often tell people that we take no credit for our pieces; the credit goes to nature and its beauty. We accomplish this by not distracting from the character of the wood with ornate form or design. Simple joinery and clean lines are preferential to accentuate the beauty of the wood. I consider myself not the artist but the medium; a student of nature, to be molded from the lesson’s that each piece of wood teaches. For us woodworking is not as much the destination but the continuous journey.

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