It’s a tool sale part 2!

I am continuing to list approximately 25 items over the next few days. I like Chris Schwarz’s rules for purchasing his tools over at Lost Art Press, so I am borrowing them for here (with his approval of course, Thanks Chris!):

First I think the prices I list are fair, but if you feel you would like to make an offer on a tool, do so. I may not accept it, but you’ll never know. Just don’t be upset if I don’t.

As soon as the tool is sold, I will mark it as “sold” here on the blog.

Ask me all the questions you like about an item. But the first one to say “I’ll take it” gets it. I take paypal or personal check. After I receive your payment, I will ship the tool using USPS. If you want insurance, let me know. If I don’t get your payment within two weeks, the piece goes back up for sale.

All prices include domestic shipping. Nothing outside the US, Sorry.

To buy an item, send an e-mail to and in the subject line please put the name of the item you want. If you say “I’ll take it,” and I don’t know what item you want, confusion ensues.

If you don’t like the tool when you get it, I’ll be happy to refund your money if you return the tool. But postage is on you. All the tools have been used so they all show various stages of wear, but I take great care of my tools!

Woodpeckers Precision Triangle Combo – 4.375″ & 6.25″ – SOLD

I purchased directly from Woodpeckers, mounted it on my tool chest and promptly forgot about them. Just don’t use them enough to justify keeping.

Stanley Bailey No. 5 ¼ Type 20 (1962-1967) – $100

A nice plane with box included. Still has some cosmoline on the blade, although I have sharpened and used it.

Somax Blue Saw Set – $20

No box included, but one more than I need. Has never been used.

Stanley Bailey No. 4 Type 13 (1925-1928) – $125

This one of my first handplanes I bought on eBay and tuned. The knob and tote don’t match, but the Veritas blade is sharp and the plane takes whisper thin shavings. My daily user until I moved to bedrocks and eventually Lie-Nielsen.

Lie-Nielsen No. 40B Butt Mortise Plane – $90

I can honestly say I purchased this plane on eBay and didn’t use it once on a project. No box, but a great buy.

Lie-Nielsen No. 9 Miter Plane – SOLD!

This is the one plane I’m really having a hard time getting rid of. This is a pristine example of a plane that is not produced anymore. As you can see, I had it set up for a lefty. There is no wear marks on the sole and I can count on one hand the times I used it and have fingers left over. I just liked having it. I make no apologies, it is worth every penny.


Thanks for looking! I will post more soon!!

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