Update to Design challenge accepted

After some discussion on Twitter, I have decided to add the entire process, unedited, as it was sent to me by Tim.  I think it is important to present it as it as such because each step is important to the process and leaving it out was a disservice to anyone wanting to try it. I didn’t include it originally because I am doing things a little differently than is described.  I am going to use the seven designs that survived the initial cut as practice, so I will be taking them through the process all the way to the maquette.  I may end up producing them all, but we’ll see…That’s going to be a lot of work! Enjoy!

  1. Day one: Sketch 20 variations on the table in 20 minutes. Take 5 sheets of paper quarter them and let your self go. Don’t worry about detail – this is all about form. Play with the curves. Limit yourself to the twenty minutes and focus on exploring – pick up on themes you like as the sketches evolve. This exercise is about tuning into design      elements that are important to you. This is not about thinking – this is about channeling your inner moose.
  2. Get Elizabeth to look at them with you and identify the ones she likes best.
  3. Take another 20 minutes and explore the top sketches from the first exercise. Come up with 16-20 new sketches
  4. Elizabeth will pick the one she likes the best.  Cheer loudly and drink wine.
  5. Next day: (Have you taken By Hand and By Eye?) Use proportions to refine the design – the overall proportions on the specific proportions – width of the base relative to the top height of the central column (if it survives the review).
  6. Next day build a maquette (or two).  If you have some 1/8″ ply handy use that, or resaw some poplar for legs, use some veneer or other thin stock for the top.
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