Don’t be such a square man!

Last weekend, Elizabeth and I attended a class taught by furnituremaker Seth Rolland at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking.  It was called Steam bending and bent laminations, but we went into much more than that.  Seth is an awesome teacher and just a great person to talk to.  He has a way of drawing out your creativity, even if you thought you didn’t have any!  It was also a treat for me because in the class was a friend of mine from the twitterverse, Vic Hubbard (@Tumblewood).  Vic and his wife Sylvia are awesome people and it was really nice getting to have a conversation face to face.  My only complaint was that we didn’t get more of an opportunity to talk about things not class related.  🙂 We really enjoyed meeting a couple of other new people that were really nice. Hopefully it will be the start of new friendships.  In my next post I’ll talk more about the class and throw in some photos and maybe a video or two!  If you have specific questions about the class please let me know and I will try to answer them!  Thanks for reading!

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